I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18 >

Life's Dear Things

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All These Dear Things
Holding That Thought
Never, Never Land
"Bearing" All Things
Ideas Shared
Four Year Old's Lesson
Fairy Garden
Spring Change
Together For Us
An Orderly Appearance
Fowl Invasion
Making The Best of It
A Facebook Funk
Fathers' Loving Patience
Truly, True Value
Gray Funk
A Travel Farewell
Stream of Observation
Bird Coloration
Farming in Summer
Redeeming the Rotten
Redeeming the Rotten
July 5
Fair for 4-H Members
Late Summer at the Bird Feeder
Lily Lost
An old playmates birthday
Help To Order My Time
August Lace
Deadhead and Prune
To Fostering of the Arts
Unpredictable Summer Day
Musical Gift
Hold Onto the Music
Finding Truth
Party Mascots
Flighty Fall Fellow
Portraits of Living
Hidden Peril
Conundrum Remedied
Solitary Spectator
Choosing Begins with Grass Roots
Clinging and Freeing
Day by Day
Finding Fault
Recovery Halloween Party
Taut Strings
From Little Molehills

Moving Mountains
Standard Time--Fall Back
Deer Hunting From the Past
Thanks My Gentleman
Light the Truth
Gift of Encouragement
Christmas Dreams and Gift
Tribute To A Generous Technician
Snipping Away The Wilted
Hope for 2017
Two Thousand Seventeen
Quiet Challenge
Sharing a Sorrow
Crescent Moon
A Good Example--Shared Learning
Will Challenged
Home Town
So That Was the Farm
Good Wishes, Mr. President
To Advise Or
Inauguration 2017
A Valentine For Him
Canine Companion
Conveying a Thought
The Biggest Thrills
Ant as Teacher
Live and let----
Breakfast in the Park
Today's Moves
Daylight Time 2017
Holding Hope
Man at the Helm
Just Different
Turn to Truth
Bare Hills Euphoria
Versatile Birds
Playing an Old Instrument
Creeping Attitude
On Second Thought
A Heart Art Commentary
A Jeweled Aid
A Gift Acknowledged
Symphony of Tongue and Ear
Gifts From Father
Day of Memory and Honor
Farewell, Bob Williamson
Today's Slate
My Will or My Best
Another Fathers' Day
Exercising the Body and Eyes