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The Biggest Thrills

Thank you, my dear, for lending an ear,
to each thrill or minor, sad woe,
for instance, finding that one lost earring,
or the misplaced gift or its bow.

For the shampoo that disappointed me so;
just look at these dried-out split ends!
Your advice on the products you know,
makes me so glad I have friends.

Finding the right cover for containers,
budding flowers that comfort small grief,
your attention when I say again,
"All my biggest thrills are relief."

The uniqueness of the lotion bottle;
when bottom with top is inverted,
that when stored upright, will not shake out,
but, bottom up, easily squirted.

When I notice the dry plant I thought dead,
has sprouted, much to my surprise.
I say, "May I share?" You say, "Go ahead.",
pleasing my heart as well as my eyes.

Or, the dress that just didn't fit,
and I noticed, took out, more than one tuck.
You listened as though you were thrilled too,
when I shared with you my good luck.

A plethora of things hopelessly lost,
that were found with a glad gasp of glee;
not only finding, a thrill and a joy,
but that you would hear it from me.

Imagine, my friend, the thrill for me,
a warm tingle all through and through,
in my small pantomine of a drill,
you hear from me, "Am I boring you?"

02/10/2017 Carol Welch
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