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Ant as Teacher

Gleaming, glossy back, and shining eyes as well,
little ant, you're sent to me to teach,
steadfast attention to task purposefully.
The little bit right now prepares for future day.

Legs like intricate clicking robot limbs,
in your precise, purposeful column go.
As you proceed, no distraction turns your path,
Not ruled by goal, but progress of the day,

Strife will not detract, will not fragment your cause.
Click, click, the process winds to ordered way.
Your antennae your guide through seemingly,
you simply follow column that is formed.

Relentlessly, around the twig or blade of grass,
your destination in moving pattern set.
When drought should come or deluge fierce and cold,
your stored supply within your cache is safe.

May I learn from you that, day by day,
I. undeterred, may follow Father's will,
and obstacle will be but bump or turn,
and I will follow peacefully His way.

02/17/2017 Carol Welch
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