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Conveying a Thought

A friend now seen wise once told me,
the time I take to explain,
though expressing depth of subject,
lost on hearer's boredom, pain.

The wise friend listened for a bit,
said, "Instead of your tedious climb,
chances are, if he's to get it,
it's when he hears it the first time."

I, too, if not the first time,
at least, grasp its relevance,
I'll regret it drifted by me.
perhaps, alone, I'll make the sense.

It can be a trying frustration,
to deeply explain and repeat,
and see attention slipping,
the idea risks defeat.

All attempts of explanation,
repeating each salient fact,
are lost in the duration.
Say it. See it's heard, and act.

02/05/2017 Carol Welch
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