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Canine Companion

Little furry one of companionship,
hunter's helper, keeper of the herd,
through training and developing breeds,
four-footed pets obey sign and word.

Discovering the usefulness,
living aids for the deaf and the blind,
their acute senses compensate,
skills gone or become declined.

Besides replacing what we've lost,
their skill that we do not possess,
sound or scent, they can crime accost.
By protection, owners they bless.

Pointed nose or pushed-in, wrinkled face,
with their company they can attain,
needed relaxing peacefulness,
for those distressed by trauma and pain.

You cutie-pie or lively playmate,
if you're cared for and well trained.
Besides your personality,
a furry four-footed friend we've gained.

02/05/2017 Carol Welch
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