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A Valentine For Him

What can I give my Valentine?
A lovely card, all floral and lace?
A humorous cartoon design,
to put a smile upon his face?

How will I let my loved one know,
appreciation for thoughtfulness?
When Cupid again loads loving bow,
a cue, now what would truly bless?

A lovely meal? He's trying to diet.
A gadget to put in his car?
When he's concentrating, a little quiet?
Maybe a gift card would go far.

To let him know the love is there,
try to hear and understand.
Let his man cave be his lair.
For his efforts give a hand.

Not only a hand to give him aid,
a more expressive hand because,
for all the effort he has made,
he deserves ringing loud applause.

02/05/2017 Carol Welch
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