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To initiate a project,
we're willing to perform,
let's look at our resources;
what was left here by the storm?

That could be a visual cue,
for the subject of the scheme,
an inexpensive answer,
for the details and the theme.

Do we have the money needed?
Are components in our stock?
Are there instructions to be heeded,
or reputation on the block?

An outline of steps in process,
mental sketch or visual print,
will it someone's life or mine bless;
will stamina bear the stint?

This has changed from ours to mine now;
definitely, no surprise.
with general cooperation,
all the planning may comprise.

Now, I'll just pick up the seashells,
or the plywood I have found.
Adhesive bought from Marshall Wells,
if there still is one around.

Again, the condition, blessing,
to make effort all worthwhile,
or else just aimless messing,
best likely end, a smile.

Father, I'll put it in Your hands,
Your design or on the shelf,
The One Who can and understands
what I can't do by myself.

Now, in the lives of others,
even in my very own,
I cannot fix my brothers;
You can do both and You alone.

01/30/2017 Carol Welch
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