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Help To Order My Time

To use the energy I have in scant supply,
I'll have to try to pin point when it comes.
When morning fog with lethargy drifts off,
it's then, if ever, progress wakes and hums.

As morning holds the hours that lie ahead,
Imperative duties can not be ignored,
or obstacles to accomplish anything,
will leave the day devoid of its reward.

So, while it is, creative juices flow,
or drip or must be squeezed just to appear,
assess what lies ahead, can be, or should,
and mark down the idea while it is clear.

Sidetracking is the nemesis I face,
and so, since those issues are valid too,
I'll jot them down and try to set aside,
return to them when outlook clears the view.

Assuming that morning shall be the key,
I will apply or note each move to make.
Appointments made for later in the day,
Let others' expertise give me a break.

Spoken in words more sure and wise than mine,
"Teach me how to order my precious days",
so one by one I can look back and see,
that the plan in place has lifted up my ways..

07/28/2016 Carol Welch
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