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August Lace

Oh, August with earlier sunset times,
hailing us with gold roadsides to grace,
and cornfields sport tassels as woodbine climbs;
Slender stems are trimmed with Queen Anne's lace.

Rich gardens overflow with produce yield,
vibrant display of color light the space.
Farmers' market with crops, orchard and field,
incidentally, matured with Queen Anne's Lace.

Wild carrot, seldom thought of in that way,
but when blooming, late summer time we face.
Before the snowy blooms clutch to a knot,
enjoy the intricacy, Queen Anne's Lace..

Your appearance joins with aster, goldenrod,
precursors of the coming school bus days.
Your closing predicts harvest from the sod,
nostalgic parting with white Queen Anne's Lace.

08/02/2016 Carol Welch
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