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A old playmates birthday

Her birthday would have been today,
playmate of years ago.
It seems like only yesterday,
as summer winds would blow,

we giggled, not watching the time,
shelling garden peas,
or picking low blueberries;
her daddy would kindly tease.

While I would chat, and she would laugh,
trouble would sometimes find us,
though only of the minor kind,
our deadline far behind us.

Though growing years, with smiles and tears,
rifts in playmates' connection,
looking back through passing years,
there's admiring affection.

Playmates, yes, that we have been,
candles would be lit today.
We'd eagerly open presents,
and laugh along the way.

It's thanking her for all those laughs,
and lessons that came along.
Today would have been her birthday.
This is my birthday song.

07/26/2016 Carol Welch
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