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Fowl Invasion

In orderly formation, now, once more.
this spring they, in martial column, parade.
Their leaders, heads erect, move to the fore.
Methodic footfalls marsh and lea invade.

They launch, like undeviating train of verse,
into the sedge surrounded, reed-bordered pond.;
they glide as one the surface to transverse,
push aside every impeding frond.

Purposeful, aligned, they mount the bank,
and without interruption, split the mass,
the vegetation, brushing either flank,
unswerving as the grassy tract they pass.

Beneath their dignity, "Aren't they cute?"
observers, then, not comprehending, say.
The bent to follow, sedate, keen, astute,
remains consistent as they wend their way.

Each year, welcome appearance is the same,
covertly subtle, as their intent they hide.
Mother, father Canada geese seem tame,
protecting seven goslings shown with pride.

They disappear, their presence ever near,
slip to neighbors pond, picturesque mural.
Their city neighbors may be heard to cheer,
their annual faithful return is rural.

05/07/2016 Carol Welch
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