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Making The Best of It

Surprise, the motivation came,
to do the job I knew we should,
eventually see done, my aim..
Now, should I see the cause as good?

The bits of dust accumulate,
we can't quite reach as daily chore,
though slowly, as a steady rate,
they soon present a challenge sore.

And, should your love by accident,
cause liquid under appliances,
to enter, and you think he's bent
on the enemy alliances.

But, should he,perhaps, find worthwhile,
the conundrum that just took place
and even help--it brings a smile,
when you recover and save face.

All clean and shiny you admit,
although disaster brought it on;
recalculate the size of it,
and the smile may linger on.

05/10/2016 Carol Welch
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