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An Orderly Appearance

What is the reason you're pushing the season,
little wood anemone?
I've seen no May flowers, though searching for hours:
they are called hepatica (properly.)

Trillium leaves, triplicate, future plans activate,
though they are not due 'til mid-May,
The leaves of the violet, appear deep green, and yet,
where are the hepaticae?

While fern fiddle heads, uncurl, lift leaves so dead,
and mosses with tiny-haired spore,
precede some seed-bearers, if I'm not in errors,
the other should come before.

The bloodroot, white, star-like, rarely seen on our hike,
surprises the eye, so pristine,
although on the fingers, a rusty stain lingers,
just part of nature's spring scene.

The unlearned conclusion, it may be illusion,
the order in which spring appears.
The Father, all-knowing oversees the growing,
that we may enjoy, see and hear.

©04/26/2016 Carol Welch
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