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Fathers' Loving Patience

I heard a tale, a true one too'
about a little lad so bright,
to engage with Dad--Grandpa, it's new--
in fishing, much longed-for delight.

Little boys' bright minds investigate;
a cast, he'd seen it gamely done.
The lines tangled in random state,
for some, tragic, for one--fun.

Long, intricate trial, to disentwine,
the boy observed, still thinking too,
"If we had not this tangled line,
we would have had nothing to do.

So goes this tale of patience long,
of father, grandfather, as well,
whose love exceeded thoughts of wrong,
and precious memories, fish excel.

Today, we'll hear a tale or two,
of how the Daddy set aside,
the moment's goal he had in view,
to give his girl a horsie ride.

To tell his son what would be right,
when the rewards seemed selfishly,
aimed at pleasure, fame and might,
but help a better world to see.

It isn't just what Daddy says,
but the way his life he lives.
What wondrous things a father's ways,
A better world for what he gives.

So, let us always bolster him,
in living out as best he can,
cheer the life lived to the brim,
a loving, good and Godly man.

06/08/2016 Carol Welch
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