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Truly, True Value

There are houses, feeders, bird seed and maize,
making "for the birds" a positive phrase,
saws, all kinds of hammers and drills to bore holes,
traps and repellents for gophers and moles.

Repair and advice when use makes us nervous,
replacement parts, new features, and service,
kitchen appliances, bathroom plumbing too;
kitchen utensils that bring fame to you.

To greet you is Carol or other nice gals,
who, in her absence, know products' locales.
If your bicycle's jimmied. there's a young fellow too,
If not totally shot, will its functions renew.

In your lawn we major, healthy and neat,
with flowers from the green house picture complete.
With sprinklers and hoses, watering is a breeze;
mowers and trimmers declare your expertise.

When snow comes again, the blower or scoop,
and service--think--use power don't get pooped.
Experience the byword, Earl and his boys,
and each of the crew, emulate, skill employs.

Many a fine hardware has come here and gone;
some moved or retired, but good they have done.
But True Value endures, though its name is changed,
courtesy and quality are not rearranged.

Now, out in the mall, True Value we find,
hometown shopping value efficient and kind.
the right tool or process from damage preserve us
replace or repair, in any case, get--Service.

06/10/2016 Carol Welch
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