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Another lesson learned today,
as in the process of my work,
nature's choice is not my way,
acts with many a puzzling quirk.

The sumac I want, just a few,
picturesque, seen by road,
I protected, babied, one or two,
threats of natural pests, a load.

The deer chose them over tender grass,
to nibble closely to the ground,
lawn mower took too close a pass,
gravel formed a smothering mound.

Now, they're beginning to produce,
leaves and branches I desired.
It's as though Hades cut loose,
flower bed is snarled and mired.

Midst Intercepting roots and stones,
foliage enthusiastically,
challenges muscles, strength and bones.
before ruling entirely.

Is there an answer? Nature's way,
seems to best my efforts scant,
Only opposing day by day,
I'm spared from shouting, "No,I can't."

Must I destroy its vibrant drive,
its foliage lively, full of verve?
To keep control, yet keep alive,
nature is throwing me a curve.

06/04/2016 Carol Welch
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