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Choosing Begins with Grass Roots

Our dramatic, potential leaders speak,
like arrows flying, forceful, in our midst.
Is substance there, apparent, rhetoric,
idea, supported or words of mockery?

Calm voice with salient facts may lift the tone;
Words powerful and fervent, sway a foe,
if filled with reason, may be of effect,
with inner strength, expressing confidence.

An individual, one who widely learns
what drives the mass, persons of each walk,
what influence, what impact one must have,
to move the multitude in any way.

To find the way that's mostly good and right,
and have the influence to achieve a goal.
What trust we must put in democracy,
to leave all these decisions to a vote.

Many look for guidance and its result,
Supreme Creator, Sovereign over all.
To education, knowledge taken in,
then broadcast to society at large.

All said and done, those who are in charge,
and represent us will affect the way.
The ones we chose or didn't choose hold forth;
good citizens cooperate or move for change.

When grass roots activity takes place,
our choice is to take part or just accept.
Still we regret the personnel 'they' chose;
our option now, convey what we prefer.

10/08/2016 Carol Welch
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