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You think you're wetting down my outlook;
again, please look; oh, rain, you're gentle. kind.
Each green leaf your care appreciates,
and growing things bring peace into my mind.

A morning softened by the gentle drop,
of moisture allows for growing thought,
accepting of the necessary clouds,
sunshine's rays brighter, when a glimpse is caught.

Oh, glimpse of warm enlightenment displayed,
within the mind or the environment,
much more appreciated with a backdrop,
of somber hue, its greater glow is lent.

Here I sit in darkness; shortly to come,
disclosure of the manner of the day.
Forecasts intimated what is to come;
still, when we see it, we concede the way.

So, come, with light I have, I can decide,
perceive the brightness, or walk in the gloom.
A step, the angle of my progress guide,
proceed to battle weeds or savor light and bloom.

09/27/2016 Carol Welch
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