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Clinging and Freeing

The crunch of leaves: I really liked them on the trees.
My grown up kids: they were so cute when they were small.
Computer with its online capabilities:
a letter in the mail, a visit trumps them all.

The nip of frost that prompts the leaves turn bright,
the wispy morning fog that hails a warmer day,
the forecast that reminds us autumn comes;
its time to put the summer gear and garb away.

Reminders that I cannot cling perpetually,
to yesterday and still see the horizons new.
Salute today, and live in it as it unfolds.
Tomorrow is an unmapped route,an unknown hue.

So, should the advancement of technology,
seem less to me than former treasured deeds and days,
savor life's convenience, self reliant young adults.
gratitude for memories, freedom to learn new ways.

10/11/2016 Carol Welch
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