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A Gift Acknowledged

A gift? So you are calling this a gift?
It's pain; it wasn't planned; it will not move.
Ingratitude now nags me. Where's the lift?
Deep down, doubt says, "Is this a work of love?"

"Be gone," I've said again, shot in the foot;
reprieve, though hoped for, beyond me, slips away.
"In all give thanks." Was this seriously put?
Will light perspective move the dark away?

A situation that says, "Failed."You're crushed.
Dim future, if at all, anticipate.
Because of shame, feelings then subtly hushed,
thus never hostile thoughts may we. relate.

Ordained, perhaps,the last straw hits the load,
askew view forbids possibilities.
unexpected complications on the road,
appalled, then opened, vanquished eyes to see.,

So, breaking, stretching, sharing light revealed,
these new paths that so far had not been trod ,
bid guidance to a heart prepared to yield,
ready to release the case to loving God.

Why, just in current days it has occurred,
that painful symptoms reminded tenderly,
That though relief was not confirmed in word,
reassurance of a Father close to me.

Endurance, though accompanied by crying out,
relief so sweet when it was much desired,
new motivation with Eureka! shout.
A heart at peace can be a heart inspired.

So, thanks for the gift, the strengthening;
Thanks for companionship I may not have known,
without the need and presence, Father God,
I may have faced the pain, unchanged, alone.

05/11/2017 Carol Welch
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