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Symphony of Tongue and Ear

The tone that echoes tuneful in the ear,
is this the tone that trills upon the tongue?
Tune, human, filled with pathos or bright joy,
or of the bird whose message he pours out,
possessive of his realm, or wins his mate,
small tones announce the young awaiting food.

Another throat that in the marsh sends forth
a message of the coming of the spring.
May dawns, when newness lifts the waiting heart,
a smile as tadpoles wiggle in their pool.
Sweet love songs issued from young human throats,
are treasured as they fall on waiting ears.

A gift, divine and human, shared as well,
an echo of the angels song on high.
The ears, so blessed as melodies speak there,
the tongues who trill with praises so inspired,
hearts touched by creation's music thus performed,
beyond what polished skill could scarce produce.

05/11/2017 Carol Welch
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