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A Jeweled Aid

Grant to her a jeweled cane,
sparkling steady aid, not seeming less,
who walks in weakness, bears the pain;
may confidence her walking bless.

Keeping in mind how many times,
her hand has steadied faltering feet,
and eased the toil of strenuous climbs,
with encouragement and smile so sweet.

It's difficult to acknowledge loss
of strength and bright agility,
the drive to see it through exhaust,
encourager and bulwark be.

But there is Someone to provide,
the steadiness and strength required,
Who has our back, is by our side.
She can display the jewels when tired.

The grace to do one's part through all,
with skill and wisdom, now the tools.
Caring, with His help, the sheltering wall.
Wear with her walk the shining jewels.

04/20/2017 Carol Welch
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