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Today's Slate

Blank slate, well, thanks, I start a brand new day;
well, maybe some chalk dust says I've been here.
Gathering some experience on the way,
there may be indent on the pad unclear.

I'll take a new step, appropriate for this time,
inclined by higher guidance I have sought.
Let wisdom of the nighttime sleep made prime,
erase or rearrange the anxious thought.

Now, let the next step be directed rightly,
and let the focus forward, now the time,
be the best possible today or nightly,
that, not in shame, effects of efforts shine.

The slate, that though maybe smudged, ends the day,
is held in hands more wise and good than mine ,
to commit my doings, efforts on the way,
what I could not, He could; bring sleep, realign.

06/02/2017 Carol Welch
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