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Farewell, Bob Williamson

A fond farewell more meaningful reflects
the life that was so celebrated and in mind,
when hearts are shared in understanding care,
considering the family left behind.

What gift is possessed when the skill and way,
are joined with warmth and recollections shared.
How blessed we are when on that painful day,
both kindness and knowledge of us are paired.

Now comes the day when grace and kind respect,
return to bless the man whose life has blessed,
those who his kindly thoughtfulness recollect,
when their loved ones met their final rest.

A gift to us of his family is shared,
admiring them and taking part as well.
May they all know how their town has cared,
and lovingly honor in this farewell.

Love to Marie and all the Williamson family.

06/01/2017 Carol Welch
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