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Redeeming the Rotten

A rotten apple, it is aptly said,
can defile the barrel where it is stored.
Can a sound apple likewise freshness bring?
How sad it seems unsoundness should prevail.

A way prescribed by wiser Mind than ours,
says , "Let the old life die, and start anew."
And who but One who has power supreme,
can risk--it is no risk--to let it die.

What miracle, when it is cast, one sees light,
and follows it unceasingly , 'til grasped.
The seed has sprouted, fish by love is hooked,
and new life then can come forth undefiled.

Now, how the soul is nurtured and is taught,
when willing by that Power, heed the call,
and changed to welcoming the guiding force,
to bid us grow and reach for Father's hand.

When moved to see and to desire, with hope
we realize, short of divine interpose,
our lack of power to our brother change,
trust the Spirit to cast the bait again

06/21/2016 Carol Welch
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