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Farming in Summer

Hay dry yet? Later, daylight saving time;
if lunch is served on time, it throws us off.
Cows were all ready to be milked at six.
Well. afternoon, is shorter by the sun.

Clothes drying on the clothesline unconcerned.
Someone will smooth out their sweet smelling folds.
Hay, however must en masse be gathered,
before the dew undoes the drying time.

So, family is allotted teamwork plan;
milking on time while hay on time is stored.
A cheer goes up if no rain harmed the hay,
and boys go whooping to the creek to bathe.

For some, it's looking back fondly holding,
shadows of a past with colors fleeting,
for others, gladness for a bright, new way.
In summer ,though, farms still bring food and view.

06/16/2016 Carol Welch
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