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Recovery Halloween Party

It's amazing that some grease paint could render you a ghoul,
some gathered pants and ruffled color into a comic fool.
How you guessed with such naivete what character you were;
how we laughed at the obvious, though we really were not sure.

The way the tissue white and soft, a mummy made of you,
the queenly dress and carriage suited a lady we all knew.
The gallant soldier, uniformed, with fancy helmet, sword,
laughed with all the rest of us; then we heard an inspiring word.

Wearing blindfold, finish a pumpkin, finding where to put its eyes,
its funny, jagged cut out mouth, not looking very wise,
nose and eyes all on one corner, we laughed and tried again,
though admitting to some cheating, feeling where parts go then.

It wasn't celebrating evil, though some, as depicted, seemed,
but blessings of recovery, on this family, freedom beamed.
with mixers, that we got to know others who walked our road.
with laughter, ingenuity lightened was many a load.

A holiday of laughter, a joining in the fun,
a point of view,.enjoyment, sharing it with everyone.
Taking time to just be funny, from morbid things to flee,
what a celebration, making it fun because we're free.

10/23/2016 Carol Welch
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