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Finding Fault

I see he ate or drank or used,
what I have planned on using.
So. what's imperative to me,
was the object of his choosing.

Wouldn't you know, just when I saved
a morsel to enjoy later,
or to complete a recipe,
sure enough, he ate 'er.

With ruffled feathers, look again:
oh, here , with care he set it,
in a handy place for me to find.
With remorse , I'll not forget it.

What's that I hear, 'Where is the pliers?
I wish that when you use it,
you would put it back again,
keep track, so you don't lose it.'

It may be in the usual place,
where easily, you could find it,
but, if not, 'egg on my face'
I hope that you won't mind it.

Now, I remember having heard,
whether it be you or me,
the best construction try to put,
until the answer we can see.

10/17/2016 Carol Welch
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