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Party Mascots

The donkey and the elephant , it's thought, are enemies,
Though they're simply symbols of each paradigm.
They might object, if they could only sort with expertise,
what varies with each candidate, issue, time

Back to jungle or back pasture, each a safer choice,
so scary if our supposed views are quoted,
best expressed in trumpeting or a hee-haw voice.
It gives a new excuse for how you voted.

If we agonize or laugh, the outcome is the same;
a donkey still hee-haws, elephants trumpet still.
A clear and honest message might confusion tame,
each side would choose for Congress or Capitol Hill.

Your time spent, dear elephant, states how bad donkeys are;
What remedies are possessed within your trunk?
With a bright, consistent thought, Donkey, you'd be a star,
if you could present your thoughts with sense and spunk
Despite your efforts, beg your pardon, I just haven't seen,
the positive, dynamic plan we're looking for;
"God bless America," could bring reason in between,
with the hope of seeing truth, decisions wise in store.

If we remain like elephant, trumpeting the wrong,
or hee-hawing like the donkey in ridicule,
to the barnyard or the jungle, with the same old song,
'Til we learn of Golden, or of law, the rule.

08/30/2016 Carol Welch
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