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On Second Thought

It's hard to leave the rosebuds not quite open.
They bob in the breeze, invite me to stay on.
I know that in days those petals will unfold,
to greet others cheerily when I am gone.

They cluster eagerly on new branch tips,
ready to excel those now in bloom.
My mind's eye will view them white and fair,
when I am in another clime and room.

But, ah! The picture has another side;
my destination also bids me view,
the fluffy pussy willows in the marsh,
and tulips bursting forth with life anew.

Just look again; how nice to meet the day,
with all the warmth and beauty at both ends.
How blessed I am, attended either way,
flowers of the season and steadfast friends.

04/10/2017 Carol Welch
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