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Creeping Attitude

Her wonderful performance
kind of made mine look bad;
she must have a few faults of her own.
If I focus on them, seeing a chance,
the ones that I have had,
seem to fade; I just condone.

This action can be habit;
we see it all the time.
Those around us seem to be to blame,
our missed chances, hard to grab it,
easier to point than climb,
to think them wrong than to own the shame.

Does this attitude have future?
Any good accomplished here?
Is there an escape route anywhere?
How about some kindness nurture,
see and try affirm what is dear?
May be possible, if erase I dare.

So, all of their demerits,
not doing things our way,
or better-- God forbid-- can we endure?
Good Dale Carnegie, his way inherit,
practice every day:
to criticize, condemn, complain--- omit and cure

04/03/2017 Carol Welch
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