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Late Summer at the Bird Feeder

Oh, the squirrels they leap,
and the chipmunks creep,
and crows come grabbing their share.
How we try, it's absurd,
to save seeds for the birds;
it's a near-losing battle we bear.

But the woodpeckers' tap,
and orioles sipping sap,
colorful cardinals gather around.
The finches tilt and hop,
grosbeaks light on top;
nuthatches approach upside down.

When the young birds join in ,
from the nests where they've been,
their colors gradually change.
The Lord made them that way,
so, when comes the big day,
girls and boys new nests will arrange.

For now, we'll enjoy,
each bird girl and boy,
as they hop, fly a little, and skip.
On our bird feeder filling,
eager and willing,
they fill up for the cold or fall trip.

07/21/2016 Carol Welch
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