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Ideas Shared

Ideas may have special beauty,
unmarred by personalities.
To share expression may seem duty.
In any case, shared thoughts bring keys.

Keys to understand our brother,
opening door to learn from friends,
purpose not to knock the other,
but with clear and useful ends.

Ideas not to change or alter,
what our friend holds or perceives,
not to make another falter,
but to hear what he believes.

Shared ideas like two forces,
parallel but still not bound,
only serve to change the courses,
of those in whom like purpose found .

Ideas may have special beauty,
moved by accepting searching minds,
not bound by a burden's duty,
real fellowship, by sharing, finds

Growth in learning and in living,
ideas free and deep and dear,
Our attention's generous giving,
speaking lips and listening ear..

04/04/2016 Carol Welch
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