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Holding Hope

And, 'tis a jig, you say, we'll dance,
with March winds blowing boldly?
Spring, we've heard, has brought romance,
though April's rains drip coldly.

Our government the answers seeks,
for a world of contradictions;
new scandals are exposed by weeks,
pessimistic the predictions.

The time has changed, a forward spring,
getting up still filled with choices.
In the midst of chaos, do we sing,
or give in to warlike voices?

'Tis spring, and soon the world, in green,
will welcome growth unfolding;
then, in the newness can be seen,
the promise life is holding.

Day follows night, and seasons come,
move on as they will and must.
So, dance the jig to strings and drum,
the Maker of all to trust.

03/15/2017 Carol Welch
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