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Daylight Time 2017

t's surely coming, weeks plod by or skip,
when we'll have one more hour after work,
or, after school, if we are young and 'hip',
though a darker morning hour may lurk.

Off to the beach if in a warmer clime.
or hanging out with buddies at the park,
stopping at a cafe to pass the time,
even if we must be home before it's dark.

The golf course with its challenge if day is nice,
evening family cook out on the lawn
knowing it was dark yesterday adds spice.
rejoicing now that winter days are gone.

A couple of weeks, dark mornings meeting bus,
anxious minutes for parents 'til they hear,
the bus has stopped and on its way, no fuss,
a day that's safe for those that they hold dear.

Some wonder, "Is all this change worth while?"
" Could we not change our individual plans?"
The grumbling or rejoicing brings a smile,
to those who scorn official leave or bans.

The sun shines the same amount of hours,
which ever end of day we might like best
Those who have authority and powers,
take the lead, and we arrange the rest.

03/05/2017 Carol Welch
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