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Hold Onto the Music

On the River, music will once more sound;
This time I will not miss the winsome chance.
Before the autumn comes with laud abound,
if they do or do not, we still will dance.

The summer with its market, fairs and sun,
may not bow to the news of season change.
Though red leaves or green, it is not done.
A few more weeks in up and down, will range.

At photos of cute babies, now grown, look.
to vie for place as Amery's new queen,
viewed on float, in person, annals, book
culmination of years that came between.

So, jauntily wave back at candidate,
be it new queen or public office sought.
As children scramble for candy, chocolate,
reminding parents of ride tickets bought.

The music does not end; though river flows;
Red leaves, fallen leaves, wait many a day,
The music hear, wave at floats, smell the rose.
While it plays, dance the mild night away.

08/19/2016 Carol Welch
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