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Gift of Encouragement

A gift that's given in the game of "grasp the day."
That hints that "have' and not 'have not' may rule,
that says, "Take up the tools, and try again,"
when lilting laughter lightly lifts the lagging fuel.

It's the brother-sisterhood of truth,
chooses to view the stumbling block as stepping-stone,
that makes the weariness of age seem youth,
a firm and friendly, "You are not alone."

It's modeled by the Son of God Himself,
Who shared in human overcoming gallantly,
who didn't stay detached upon the shelf,
but faced all and overcame for such as we.

And so, He places in some hearts the gift,
with friendship to help their neighbor overcome.
With actions and their words, they give a lift,
a heavy heart made light sees courage come.

12/05/2016 Carol Welch
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