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Christmas Dreams and Gift

Oh, holiday, with dreams of glistening snow,
in thought, we would forego the tropics ease.
When our arms pull in our coats to hold the warmth,
our noses turned bright pink from the nipping breeze.
We'd brace against the chilly, piercing wind,
for just a glimpse, snow's sparkle on the trees.

Aglow,street lights emit a festive gleam,
so like the radiance we have felt years past.
With or without the snow, conveys the dream,
a deeper image, perception that will last.
Whatever clime, city, or country place.
upon the earth a meaning deep is cast.

And, " I don't care." we shout or whisper tenderly,
"where on this earth the wondrous light would shine."
Aglow, the essence, the gift that we receive,
the ember of the hoped for promise we enshrine,
breaks forth in hearts awaiting to receive.
The dream, reality, from God, the gift is mine.

12/11/2016 Carol Welch
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