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A Travel Farewell

Despite much dropped connection, still she spoke
to let me know she deeply , fondly cared.
We laughed about how flighty New York is,
especially the airports. Ha! Ha! Ha!

A month, four weeks, they will fill, how, who knows?
Day at a time, the travel will unfold.
Will there be moors with ponies running wild?
Vast Prince's land with foxglove decorate?

Stone bridges spanning streams and rugged rocks;
Old castles topping hills and craggy mounts.
Now, fishing villages like sirens call,
bright hues and noisy sea birds dot the shore.

Stationed high in the Alps, the Matterhorn,
epitome of grandeur long holds sway.
Riviera's unconfined extravagance,
before the pomp, Vatican's dignity.

Not even having been there, still, I know
before long , four weeks will be much too short,
so much that was not done or seen still calls,
as you again touch down that flighty place.

06/15/2016 Carol Welch
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