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Versatile Birds

Along the road, I take my morning walk;
a call so sweet and, yet, insistent, sounds.
Amazed, I see, attention turned above,
a sight as captivating as the tone.
bright red, atop an ordinary post,
supporting cables of utilities.

Not only ears and eyes are captive held,
but thoughts of such a striking, brilliant one,
as much at home in Florida's gentle clime,
as in the frigid winter time at home.
The cardinal, sometimes "red bird" he's called,
his mate with lesser brightness crisply plumed.

With crest, a mark of either gender owned,
among the mockingbird or phoebes dwell,
contrast to long-legged water birds nearby,
surprise us with bright songs on quiet trails.
Return to their home state, seasons influenced,
meet welcome of the faithful cardinal friends.

My thoughts remark, "You've stayed here all the year."
while robin, bluebird, blackbird, finch and goose,
have bravely traversed country far and wide,
to seek a climate suited to their needs,
but modest chickadee, woodpecker, and nut hatch,
keep proverbial home fires for snow birds.

03/24/2017 Carol Welch
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