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Unpredictable Summer Day

Dampening my mood, rocking morning peace,
thunder claps reverberate the sky;
plans for our feasting outdoors, in the sun,
looked like a wash, we conceded with a sigh..

It's time to hit the floor; all is not lost;
inside work is an option when it rains.
What's that, a tiny break among the clouds?
Act on the surprise, enjoy the gains.

Now, will the glow of sunshine last a while,
as we fix the food, set up the games?
Wisconsin summer days bring frown or smile,
We learn to laugh and modify our aims.

"Go with the flow," it's said, and have some peace,
so when big, sloppy raindrops start to fall,
We'll play inside games, nice as you please,
til clouds part, and sun shines over all.

Blessed are the flexible, not bent out of shape,
although rain or shine should be their lot.
Ills of discontent happily escape,
thinking of what they can and not" cannot."

08/13/2016 Carol Welch
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