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Turn to Truth

What fear and weakness wreak upon our realizing,
when what is actual has seemed so wrong or pale,
a slip into embellishing or minimizing,
may be as much a bondage as a jail.

A little slip into deceit, not recognized,
may prime the well of harmless tales just to amuse,
and any credit given the charade, be prized,
while inaccurate disbelief rightly refused.

Oh, what a tangled web was this way woven,
and how to free ones self from unintended jumble,
covert as entanglement with forbidden coven,
only escape, to admit it, meek and humble.

Oh, freedom from deception, what release,
better to face the knotty truth and turn away,
than succumb to fears of those you will not please,
Cast off the deception, and live a new, free day.

But, what, when comes temptation to deny,
the uncomfortable details of a situation?
A deep breath preceding the explaining why,
remembering the truth's brave exultation

Was there perhaps a reasonable explanation?
Still, it's only that which actually was the case,
so, no departing to creative affectation,
lest return to bondage should the firm resolve abase.

03/19/2017 Carol Welch
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