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To Advise Or

Resisting the rampaging urge to chide,
loved ones consuming less than healthy fare,
or entertaining habits deemed hazardous,
resigned to tangling with foibles of my own.

Amazingly, they seem no worse for wear,
without my wise, well-meant words to contend.
Conditions of my own, too, seem improved,
perceiving need for progress focused there.

To name a few, though, centered on themselves,
not aware that we are not the hub of all,
Know I can't always be the central point,
except, thank God, that birthdays roll around.

Now, mentioning consuming frivolous fare,
again, birthday time is ample rationale;
for sweets, rich entrees not so well advised,
that's enough to make us glad we checked the urge.

01/22/2017 Carol Welch
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