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Spring Change

Only last week, trees' shadows cast bars,
defined and regular, spaced on dead leaves,
formed by dawn's rays--displaced fading stars.
What surprising images spring season weaves.

Today, the same forest that showed formal lines,
is veiled by the sapling leaves, barely unfurled.
Then--we looked in tjhe woods, screened only where pines
were in view; now the veil dots our world.

Our wakig-up eyelids raise to the view,
where grass's new green the expanse dominates.
What last week, God dusted with snow, today dew
sparkles petals and leaves as sun radiates.

Though it may be it's wishful, birds building nest,
then over their newly hatched babies will sing.
There may be a reason why I think it's best,
to luxuriate crisply in the forthcoming spring.

04/19/2016 Carol Welch
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