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Quiet Challenge

If my dear one could stay quiet for ten times one minute,
lines to him of poetry I'd write.
If this room was silent with no talking in it,
I would laugh and hold my sides all night.

If miracles should happen--five minutes now used up,
and ten minutes of silence would prevail,
I'd finish off my coffee and get another cup,
and not stop laughing until breath should fail.

Surprise! With no encouragement, silence takes the stand,
and two and one half minutes now have passed.
I'll lay down my pen and give the man a hand.
He kept his peace. For five minutes it could last.

The lovely chords I hear that take the quiet's place,
make up for all the nonsense I thought up.
A fine reward it was for doing my part in the race.
All right! Again I'll go and fill my cup.

01/04/2017 Carol Welch
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