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Look! What we didn't know that we would ever have at all,
has been accomplished here before our eyes.
If ever, we may have had to wait until the fall.
Now it's true, and we can use it. Well, surprise!

The waiting and the wishing, doing then without,
are past, and we can go on with the day.
The obstacle is now removed without a doubt,
It is hoped we'd find a word or two to say

To the one it was who--somewhat--quietly strove on,
while we went about our planned activities,
not minding that the time to share in fun was gone,
the progress born of efforts , now he sees.

We will use the result of work on our behalf,
not forgetting who accomplished what appears.
And the way we coped without it now will be a laugh,
as we thank the one who calmly perseveres.

We say, "How was it that you stayed at it so true,
how you came up with the answer with that verve?"
And then, with a shrug and modest smile, say you,
"I guess It was another learning curve.

03/12/2016 Carol Welch
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