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Hope for 2017

The wrappings scrunched and in recycle bin,
the space where gifts were piled up , now is bare.
It's still too soon to leave the manger scene,
time to think and thank for why it's there.

This year, now old, totters away in dust,
though treasured memories and rued events,
either eroded or strengthened more our trust,
we go onward, hope lifting from laments.

Those who have gone before us saw the new,
and had to face and welcome it as we,
though obstacles be vast, successes few,
and found purpose and truth had made them free.

A new leadership is at the fore;
what we make of it part of what we own..
Can we as pioneers did, stand for right and more,
obey the law, make needed changes known?

An adventure awaits us once again,
as time and new developments come forth.
A resilient culture meets the hill or plain,
and in the process still seeks out true north.

Two thousand years ago, a day renowned,
when a Hero small but almighty came,
with Love and Truth the world turned around,
so as we celebrate, recall His aim.

Another year, what powers that dominate,
are lacking if their action conflict starts.
The strength of nations is not craft and hate.
Our victory when love lives in our hearts.

12/26/2016 Carol Welch
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