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Home Town

My city isn't large as cities go;
still, any time that it should come to mind,
a special aura in my being moves,
where I may be, again, to home inclined.

My house is not the largest on the street;
the road is not a major thoroughfare,
but still, the inclination of my feet,
tends ever to seek peace and wholeness there.

They smile, the people from far distant states,
when they hear me mention my town's name.
The tendency each person met relates,
to state with affection the town they claim.

As we speak of compared activities,
I share, of course, our town's propriety,
or beauty, cordiality and progress,
I say 'It's how it's done in Amery.'

Turning homeward as the season passes,
the stars and moon we share all speak to me.
So I pray each day and night that goes by,
God's blessing on the town of Amery.

01/15/2017 Carol Welch
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