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Hidden Peril

Oh the crocodile has a splendorous smile,
But, in his bright eye, there's a wink
Would he dine with you, or upon you with style?
A good plan is quickly to think.

Oh, the shiny black bull has such strength to admire;
as he paws the ground dramatically.
Is it a show as he demonstrates fire?
A good plan is to stay clear or flee.

Oh, the lion whose mane declares him the king;
How the sun shines on his tawny coat.
Would you think he would loll or think he would spring?
To take such a chance, no! You may quote.

Should you see the spider's web shine in the sun,
and you are a dainty small fly.
However attractive, your flight has begun,
though life's short, don't too quickly die.

So, be it be horns with a black pointed shine,
or a smile hiding razor sharp teeth,
or claws or a web, with beauty so fine,
Take care, and with wisdom, still breathe.

Temptation, so fetching, the wrong thing to do,
could make you feel richer to steal,
Could make you feel favored to say what's not true,
but shame quickly trumps its appeal.

Discretion not only saves conscience and soul,
it may also rescue your skin.
Some forethought, remembering, too, self-control,
Instead of disaster, a grin.

09/07/2016 Carol Welch
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