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Exercising the Body and Eyes

As often planned on, to the gym,
to strengthen muscles, loosen joints,
I'd use the apparatus and swim,
to which frailty and stiffness points.

But, really, dress and take the car,
though grateful for convenience,
to make the best of things that are,
to my inertia state, makes sense.

So, now recalling exercise,
that I can simply do at home,
I checked my chart, prepared my eyes,
ready to stretch and not to roam.

Out of my window to the east,
a yellow goldfinch hopped and flew,
rose-breasted grosbeak, grand, at least,
flaunted his colors, brilliant hue.

Woodpeckers, various, black and white,
flashes red, large, tiny, in-between,
petite, the downy, red-bellied, bright,
and--thrill--pileated made the scene.

As parts I stretched, I saw the view;
to the south the frisky squirrels played.
My body benefiting in this use,
surroundings a panorama made..

Another thrill, graceful, shy doe,
gazed at my antics from the north.
While I felt better head to toe,
my heart and soul shared in the worth.

Another time, with others share,
the advantages of exercise,
communication and action there,
but, today, alone, toned heart and eyes.

06/20/2017 Carol Welch
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